Warm colors of 'Red River Art' season 3

"Song Hong Art" group members at the exhibition's opening ceremony. Photo: L.Q.V
On the evening of January 11, 2121, at the Vietnam Fine Arts Association Exhibition House (16 Ngo Quyen - Hanoi), Vietnam Fine Arts Association opened the 3rd exhibition of the visual artist group `` Song Hong Art '' with the participation of 8 artists and sculptors.
In the Vietnamese art life, there are many groups of visual artists who share the same concepts as well as their translation and commitment in composition and exhibition. '' Song Hong Art '' is such a collection, with nearly 10 faces, mainly living and working in Hanoi, of which most come from the `` furnace '' of Vietnam Fine Arts University. Male.
The group's third season exhibition `` Song Hong Art '' is the result of short field trips, consistent with COVID-19's adherence in society, but enough for the artists, Sculptors have quite interesting compositions with topics and materials that they have long pursued in contemporary life. Attending the opening of the exhibition was art critic Mai Thi Ngoc Oanh - Standing Vice Chairman of Vietnam Fine Arts Association.
Among the 8 authors at this exhibition, material fidelity still accompanies the painters Trinh Que Anh (lacquerware), Le Hai, Thach Linh, Bui Long (oil / acrylic) in the subjects of vase. heterogeneous. Meanwhile, the royal sculptures Hoang Vu Hoai (there are many impressive small bronze statues at the exhibition) and Nguyen Quoc Hung are also engaged in painting experiences. As for the original artists majoring in silk, such as Bui Xuan Loc and Lam Thanh, in this exhibition, they are still displaying silk-material works with beautiful female characters and at the same time, others have more paintings. lacquer, the other has oil painting.
It is easy to see that, through the 3rd season exhibition, the artists of the group `` Song Hong Art '' have demonstrated a constant effort to explore and experience in the difficult context of life to brighten up. create works with personal color and imprint on beauty. More or less, it brought a little warmth to art lovers in the cold weather of Hanoi at this time ...


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